Missourians set for shot at NCAA Titles at DI Indoors

16 Missourians competing at NCAA DI Indoor Track & Field Champs.

With Mizzou’s Markesh Woodson apparently scratching from the 60 meter-dash, after he appeared to finish the SEC meet 60 with a leg injury, 15 Missourians are ready to compete at the NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships that kick off today and conclude tomorrow, at the convention center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


2014 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track & Field Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico            All times are Mountain Time


Heptathlon 10:00am 60 meters; 10:35am (estimate) Long Jump; 11:35am (estimate) Shot Put; 1:05pm (estimate) High Jump

FIELD EVENTS                                                                               4:00pm Weight Throw     Men         Trials & Finals

4:00pm High Jump           Men         Final

6:00pm P VaultWomen Bethany(Buell)Firsick,SouthDakota

6:00 Long Jump  Men Trials & Finals Blake Smith, SE Missouri

6:00 Long JumpWomen   Trials & Finals  Nataliyah Friar, LSU

7:00 WeightThrowWomen Finals Kearsten Peoples, Mizzou

TRACK EVENTS                                                                  

6:00       1 Mile Men              Semifinal

6:15       1 Mile  Women      Semi Colleen Quigley, Florida State    

6:30       60 H   Men   Semi  Oladapo Akinmoladun, Nebraska      

6:45       60 H Women     Semi  Tiffani McReynolds, Baylor  

6:55       400 Meters          Men     Semifinal

7:10       400 Meters          Women Semifinal

7:25       60 meters   Men  Semifinal    Markesh Woodson, Mizzou

7:35       60 meters            Women Semifinal

7:45       800 meters          Men Semifinal

7:55       800 meters          Women Semifinal

8:05      200 meters          Men                      Semifinal

8:15       200 meters          Women                Semifinal

8:25       5000 meters        Men     Final  Maksim Korolev, Harvard

8:45       5000 meters      Women   Final Emily Sisson, Providence

9:05       200 meters          Men                      Final

9:10       200 meters          Women                Final

9:15 DMR  Men Final

Nick Happe, Notre Dame; Daniel Everett, Columbia           Amos Bartelsmeyer, Georgetown; Andrew Pisechko Arkansas*

9:30       DMR   Women   Final Colleen Quigley, Florida State

SATURDAY, MARCH 15                                                                 Heptathlon 11:00am 60 Hurdles; 11:45am (estimate) Pole Vault; 2:15pm (estimate) 1000 meters.

Pentathlon 11:45am 60 Hurdles; 12:25 (estimate) High Jump; 2:25 (estimate) Shot Put; 3:55 (estimate) Long Jump; 5:00 (esti)800 m


3:30       Shot Put    Men Trials & Finals

3:30       High Jump Women                Trials & Finals

5:30       Pole Vault            Men                      Finals

6:00       Triple Jump          Men                      Trials & Finals

6:00       Triple Jump          Women                Trials & Finals

6:00       Shot Put      Women  Trials & Finals

Kearsten Peoples & Jill Rushin, Mizzou


6:00       1 Mile   Men         Final

6:10       1 Mile    Women  Final   *Colleen Riley, Florida State

6:20       60 H Men  Final *Oladapo Akinmoladun, Nebraska

6:30       60 H Women  Final  *Tiffani McReynolds, Baylor

6:40       400 meters   Men  Final

6:50       400 meters    Women   Final

7:00       60 meters       Men  Final   *Markesh Woodson, Mizzou

7:10       60 meters            Women                Final

7:20       800 meters          Men                      Final

7:30       800 meters          Women                Final

7:40       3000 meters        Men Final  Maksim Korolev, Harvard

7:55       3000 metes         Women                Final

8:05       4×400 Relay         Men                      Final

8:20 4×400 Women Final  Montenae Roye-Speight,TexasTech

Event, Seed#/Actual Tied for Seed-, Name, Year, School, Time/Mark, *Conversion, Hometown, High School ‘Grad Year.


1 Mile Run Prelims                                                                                                  1  Colleen Quigley             JR Florida State    4:32.11/*4:34.80 St. Louis, Nerinx Hall ‘11                     Distance Medley R elay               8  Florida State 11:01.59   4) Colleen Quigley JR  St. Louis, Nerinx Hall ‘11  

2nd best collegiate time behind Abbey D’Agostino’s 4:28.31                     http://www.seminoles.com/sports/c-track/mtt/colleen_quigley_790992.html                   http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3753664.html

http://www.seminoles.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/031314aaa.html                                 http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/fsu/sports/c-track/auto_pdf/2013-14/release/release_20140313aaa.pdf                                    2013D1ITFNatsFri-0971-MTFRJpxl500

 5000 Meter Run                                                                             2  Emily Sisson  RSJR Providence   15:40.62 Chesterfield, Parkway Central ‘10                                          

35th on Mile List with 4:40.0, 3rd on 3k list with 9:00.76, 9 secs back of D’Agostino, 2nd on 5k list, 7/100ths behind D’Agostino                       http://www.friars.com/sports/w-track/mtt/emily_sisson_768881.html                        http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3716282.html                                                 http://www.friars.com/sports/w-track/spec-rel/031114aaa.html                                                                                                                             2013D1ITFNatsFri-0398-MTFRJpxl500

60 Meter Hurdles Prelims                                                             4  Tiffani McReynolds        SR Baylor                8.05       Kansas City, Ks. Pembroke Hill ‘10                              

Tied for 58th in 60m in 7.45                                                                                   http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/c-track/mtt/tiffani_mcreynolds_734663.html   http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/c-track/mtt/tiffani_mcreynolds_734663.html http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3271851.html                                                 http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/030514aaa.html                                             http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/030514aaa.html                                                                                                                                                                             2013D1ITFNatsSat-0591-MTFRJpxl500

4×400 Meter Reley                                                                          5  Texas Tech 3:34.12        4) Montenae Roye-Speight JR       St. Louis, Ladue ‘11/LSU                                

31st in 400 with 53.42, 10th in college-1:22.16 in 600yds                                                     http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/4652198.html                                                  http://www.texastech.com/sports/c-track/mtt/montenae_roye_speight_878987.html    http://www.texastech.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/031314aao.html                                       http://www.texastech.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/031314aab.html                                                                                                                                                2013D1ITFNatsSat-1282-MTFRJpxl500

Pole Vault                                                                                         11  Bethany (Buell) Firsick  RSSR South Dakota 4.31m/14-1.75 St. Louis, Rockwood Summit ‘09 http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/2784279.html                                                 http://www.goyotes.com/sports/c-track/mtt/bethany_firsick_802263.html                             http://www.goyotes.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/031314aaa.html                                                                                                                          2013D1ITFNatsSat-0640-MTFRJpxl500

Long Jump                                                                                       10/T9  Nataliyah Friar FR LSU 6.30m /20-8          Wentzville, Wentzville Holt‘13                    

49th in TJ with 41-3.75                                                                                               http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?&ATCLID=206930760&DB_OEM_ID=5200                     http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/4674010.html                                             http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&ATCLID=209431469                                                                                    13MOTFC4S2-288-MTFRJpxl500

Shot Put                                                                                           1  Kearsten Peoples  RSJR Missouri 17.81m /58-5.25               Ottawa, Ks. Ottawa ‘10 http://www.mutigers.com/sports/c-track/mtt/kearsten_peoples_726819.html   http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3286961.html                                                 http://www.mutigers.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/031314aaa.html                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2013D1ITFNatsSat-0312-MTFRJpxl500

14  Jill Rushin                      RSJR Missouri       16.90m /55-5.5     Jackson, Jackson ‘10 http://www.mutigers.com/sports/c-track/mtt/jill_rushin_726831.html               http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3286965.html                                               http://www.mutigers.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/031314aaa.html                                                                                                                                            2012Big12TFsat-0269-MTFRJpxl500

Weight Throw                                                                                                          10  Kearsten Peoples JR Missouri  21.18m /69-6    

Ottawa, Ks. Ottawa ‘10                http://www.mutigers.com/sports/c-track/mtt/kearsten_peoples_726819.html

Eight Women-10 Entries, Two in two events


60 Meter Dash Prelims                                                                                      Medical Scratch                                                                              6/T6  Markesh Woodson  SO Missouri 6.60 Colorado Springs, Co. Fountain Ft. Carson ‘12                            

T41st in 200 with 21.13                                                                                               http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/4199059.html                                               http://www.mutigers.com/sports/c-track/mtt/markesh_woodson_816538.html                                                                                                                                   2013D1ITFNatsFri-0190crpedt-MTFRJpxl500

3000 Meter Run                                                                                                       8  Maksim Korolev            SR Harvard             7:51.52 Harrisonville, Harrissonville ‘10                                  

5000 Meter Run                                                                             7/T7  Maksim Korolev SR Harvard 13:42.56

Harrisonville, Harrissonville ‘10                    

T61st in Mile with 4:02.24 http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3193360.html                                       http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3193360.html                                                  http://www.gocrimson.com/sports/track/2013-14/bios/mens/korolev_maksim                     http://www.gocrimson.com/sports/track/2013-14/releases/20140313x2c5cq                                                                                                                              Korolev13-2

 60 Meter Hurdles Prelims                                                           1  Oladapo Akinmoladun SO Nebraska 7.61

Kansas City, Grandview ‘12                                

7.61 school record, SB of 6.99 06m, PR of 6.97 Big 10 Champion         http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=95&SPID=32&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=205381236&Q_SEASON=2013                            http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/4205180.html                                              http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=92&SPID=32&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=209432517&DB_OEM_ID=100                                                                                                         


Distance Medley Relay                                                                 5  Georgetown 9:29.11  1) Amos Bartelsmeyer  

FR St. Louis, MICDS ‘13                                                                 75th on 800 list with 1:50.50, 15th on 1000m list with 2:22.75,           http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/4542945.html                                                  http://www.guhoyas.com/sports/m-xctrack/mtt/amos_bartelsmeyer_862658.html                                           http://www.guhoyas.com/sports/m-xctrack/spec-rel/031314aaa.html                                                                                                                      13MOTFC3-4S1-481-MTFRJpxl500

6  Arkansas       9:29.37 5) Andrew Pisechko             RSSO      Webb City, Webb City ‘11                              

T86th in 800 with 1:50.82 converted from 1:51.44 at altitude 39th on 1000m list with 2:24.68                 http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3739637.html                                                 http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=30838&SPID=2430&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=6100&ATCLID=205354755&Q_SEASON=2013                          http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=30837&SPID=2430&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=209432834&DB_OEM_ID=6100                                                                                        2013D1ITFNatsSat-1624-MTFRJpxl500

7  Notre Dame 9:29.43       4) Nick Happe      

RSSR St. Charles,Francis Howell North/Arizona State      25th in Mile with 3:59.58, 20th in 3k at 7:54.39, 24th on 5k list at 13:54.98 conveted from 14:03 small track

http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/4690731.html                                                 http://www.und.com/sports/c-track/mtt/nick_happe_859298.html                                                                 http://www.und.com/sports/c-track/spec-rel/031314aab.html


10  Columbia      9:30.72      4) Daniel Everett JR   

Creve Couer, Westminster Christian ‘11                             59th in mile with 4:02.16                                                                                           http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3611403.html                                               http://www.gocolumbialions.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=48365&SPID=4657&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=9600&ATCLID=205240636&Q_SEASON=2013 http://www.gocolumbialions.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=48362&SPID=4657&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=209431780&DB_OEM_ID=9600                                                                                                          13DIXCNats-1284-MTFRJpxl500

Long Jump                                                                                    11  Blake Smith JR SE Missouri 7.73m/25-4.5    

Jackson, Jackson ‘11                                      

24th on 60m list ran 6.19 55m converts to 6.66, has SB of 6.72 for full 60m

http://www.tfrrs.org/athletes/3722887.html                                                  http://www.gosoutheast.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6454 http://www.gosoutheast.com/news/2014/3/13/TRACK_0313145652.aspx                                                                                                                            headshot_2_2013_Track_Blake Smith500pxlupsmple-MTFRJpxl500

Eight Men-Nine Entries

While the group includes a few new-comers to NCAA championship competition, it also includes a number of athletes who are expected to be in the mix for national titles. It also includes a national champion from 2013, and one a few months removed from a national team title in cross country.

South Dakota’s Bethany Buell and Kansas’ Lindsay Vollmer claimed national titles in the pole vault and heptathlon at last June’s NCAA Outdoor Championships, extending the streak of two Missourians winning Division I outdoor titles to three straight years. They joined Florida State’s Maurice Mitchell (200 meters), and Oklahoma’s Brittany Borman (javelin), who did so in both 2011 and 2012.

Vollmer not only claimed the national title in the heptathlon, but helped her Kansas squad to a team title in Eugene, Or. Vollmer however wont be competing in Albuquerque after coming up short in the pentathlon.  Vollmer fouled on each of her long jump attempts and did not finish the 800 meters at the Big 12 Indoor Champs, coming up short of a qualifying score for nationals.

And while Bethany Buell won the vault title in 2013, she is now competing as Bethany Firsick, presumably having been married since June. Buell won the title despite having a shoulder injury and wearing a brace. The injury forced her to forgo the USA Championships in favor of surgery. Firsick is back, but maybe not quite to 100 %, as she is the 11th seed entering the meet, having a season best of 14-1.75.

A handful of Missouri athletes have reasonable chances at national titles and three of them are top seeds. Florida State junior Colleen Quigley (St. Louis, Nerinx Hall HS) is the top seed in the mile and is scheduled to anchor the Seminoles distance medley relay. Quigley sits just ahead of teammate Linden Hall with a best of 4:32.11 in the mile, second only on the college performance list behind Dartmouth superstar Abbey D’Agostino’s 4:28. D’Agostino will skip the mile in favor of the 3k, 5k, and DMR.

Quigley has gone from an excellent high school runner to a great collegiate one. She’s looking for an NCAA trophy in her sixth straight NCAA championship, track or cross country. After a 5th place national finish in the steeplechase in 2012 as a freshman, Quigley took 12th at the 2012 cross country championships, helping the Seminoles to a 4th place team trophy. A year ago, Quigley just missed qualifying for the NCAA meet as an individual in the mile and 3k, but had the fastest anchor leg in the DMR, taking the ‘Noles from 7th place or further back, to a 4th place finish.

Outdoors in 2013, Quigley was second in the 3k steeplechase, running a 9:35, just three seconds behind Olympian Emma Coburn. In November 2013, Quigley showed she’s one of the best in country at several distances, taking 6th at the cross country championships 6k. Quigley is now poised to have her best shot at a national title.  It will be interesting to see how she runs in the mile prelims, and if any thought of sitting out the DMR Friday night is taken in order to best be ready for Saturday’s mile final. It seems doubtful though.

Just behind the

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