2011 High School Nike Track Nationals

The Lee’s Summit West High School (Track Club) Lady Titans make their second straight appearance at the second annual Nike Team Track Nationals in Eugene at Oregon’s Hayward Field. The Meet is held tonight after the USATF Nationals meet concludes. The top 12 boys and girls teams from across the country selected and provided transportation for 9 athletes and two coaches. There were 8 regional winners based on the scores of the contested events and 4 at-large berths. Only 10 events are contested and a team gets to compete in the 9 of their choice. Points are scored based on the international scoring table, not finish place. The larger margin of victory the more points gained on the competition. The Lady Titans won the Midwest Region and scored the 4th most points in the country.

Here are the Lee’s Summit West entries provided by Coach Jesse Griffin last week. They have not been double checked with the recently posted entry lists so there could have been changes:

100-Lauren Cheadle
Long Jump-Lauren Cheadle
Pole Vault-Brittany Kallenberger
High Jump-Brittany Kallenberger
Shot Put-Essence Chalmers
Discus-Katie Kelly
400-Jacque Timberlake
800-Kennadee Williams
Mile-Chelsey Pheobus

2011 Final Meet Schedule Pacific Times listed

6:30 PM  Discus  NTN  Girls  Infield
6:30 PM  1,500 Meters  Junior  Women Final  
6:40 PM  1,500 Meters  Junior  Men Final  
6:50 PM  Shot Put  NTN  Boys  West ring
7:00 PM  100 Meter Hurdles  NTN  Girls  
7:10 PM  110 Meter Hurdles  NTN  Boys  
7:15 PM  Pole Vault  NTN  Girls  East runway
7:15 PM  Pole Vault  NTN  Boys  West runway
7:20 PM  High Jump  NTN  Girls  West apron
7:20 PM  High Jump  NTN  Boys  East apron
7:20 PM  400 Meters  NTN  Girls  
7:25 PM  400 Meters  NTN  Boys  
7:30 PM  Long Jump  NTN  Girls  East runway
7:30 PM  Long Jump  NTN  Boys  West runway
7:40 PM  800 Meters  NTN  Girls  
7:45 PM  800 Meters  NTN  Boys  
7:55 PM  Discus  NTN  Boys  Infield
8:00 PM  Shot Put  NTN  Girls  West ring
8:00 PM  100 Meters  NTN  Girls  
8:05 PM  100 Meters  NTN  Boys  
8:15 PM  3,000 Meters  Junior  Women Final  
8:30 PM  5,000 Meters   Junior  Men Final  
8:50 PM  Mile  NTN  Girls  
9:00 PM  Mile  NTN  Boys 

Live Webcast: http://www.runnerspace.com/NTN

Live Results:http://www.runnerspace.com/eprofile.php?do=info&event_id=1552

Tear up the Track Ladies!!!

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