2011 Missouri NCAA DI First Round and Multi-Event National Qualifiers

2011 NCAA DI Outdoor
Track and Field Nationals Multi-Event and First Round Missouri Qualifiers
Country divided up
into two sections: East and West
48 Qualifiers per event
24 Relay Teams
Seed, Name, Year, School, Mark/Time
NCAA Division I 2011 Outdoor
Track & Field Championships -East Preliminary
5/26/2011 to 5/28/2011
Bloomington, Indiana
100 Meter
 1  Semoy Hackett                 JR LSU                   10.98D
200 Meter
 2  Semoy Hackett                 JR LSU                   22.41D
27  LaJada Baldwin                SR Mississippi           23.63D
400 Meter
34  Lauren Hollingsworth          SO Mississippi           54.10D
800 Meter 
 8  Cydney Ross                   SO Duke                2:05.32D
37  Kianna Ruff                   FR Tennessee           2:07.97D
1500 Meter
19  Lauren Borduin                JR Georgetown          4:21.59D
4x100 Meter
 1  LSU                                                    43.31D
     2) Semoy Hackett JR               
 8  Florida                                                44.57D
     2) Alishea Usery JR               
16  Mississippi                                            44.93D
     4) LaJada Baldwin SR              
4x400 Meter
 3  Mississippi                                          3:33.22D
     1) Lauren Hollingsworth SO        
 6  Florida                                              3:36.20D
     3) Alishea Usery JR           
Pole Vault
 1  Vera Neuenswander             SR Indiana               4.36mD
100 Meter
3  Maurice Mitchell              JR Florida State         10.03D
200 Meter
1  Maurice Mitchell              JR Florida State         20.19D
1500 Meter
28  Adam Behnke                   SO Columbia            3:45.88D
4x100 Meter
3  Florida State                                          38.87D
     3) Maurice Mitchell 
4x400 Meter
10  Florida State                                        3:07.40D
     1) Phillip Young FR                2) Brandon Byram SR               
     3) Brandon O'Connor SO             4) Maurice Mitchell JR            
NCAA Division I 2011 Outdoor
Track & Field Championships -West Preliminary
5/26/2011 to 5/28/2011
Eugene, Oregon
100 Meter
34  Shantel Llewellyn             SR Missouri State        11.63D
200 Meter
25  Brittany Bruce                SR Baylor                23.68D
35  Shantel Llewellyn             SR Missouri State        23.91D
400 Meter
46  Ariel Butzine                 SO Missouri State        54.62D
800 Meter
48  Layne Moore                   JR Missouri            2:09.42D
1500 Meter
22  Mary Goldkamp                 SR Bradley             4:23.29D
33  Laura Roxberg                 SO Missouri            4:25.41D
37  Alyssa Allison                SO Arizona State       4:26.37D
38  Hilary Orf                    SO St. Louis           4:26.65D
5000 Meter
21  Emily Sisson                  FR Wisconsin          16:16.06D
35  Kaitie Vanatta                SO Missouri           16:35.44D
41  Ashley Scott                  SO Tulsa              16:40.52D
10000 Meter
47  Kinsey Farren                 JR Missouri           35:12.14D
100 Meter Hurdles
 1  Tiffani McReynolds            FR Baylor                12.74D
34  Precious Selmon               SO New Mexico            13.66D
46  Chantae McMillan              SR Nebraska              13.81D
400 Meter Hurdles
12  Leslie Farmer                 JR Missouri              58.22D
4x100 Meter
 3  Baylor                                                 43.75D
     1) Tiffani McReynolds FR           
     3) Brittany Bruce SR            
23  SE Missouri                                            45.66D
     1) Rachel Kahle SR                 2) Angelica Larrier JR            
     3) Magan Edwards JR                4) Jerika Lewis SO              
4x400 Meter
 5  Baylor                                               3:31.58D
     4) Brittany Bruce SR              
18  Tulsa                                                3:39.33D
     1) Racquell Powell JR             
Pole Vault
 9  Bethany Buell                 FR South Dakota          4.20mD
11  Tara Diebold                  JR Arkansas              4.20mD
32  Breanna Bussel                JR Nebraska              4.00mD
Long Jump
29  Precious Selmon               SO New Mexico            6.07mD
Triple Jump
27  Shemeika Brewer               SO SE Missouri          12.65mD
28  Kimsue Grant                  SO Missouri State       12.65mD
30  Brittney Cloudy               JR St. Louis            12.61mD
42  Jordan Bond                   SO Missouri State       12.43mD
Shot Put
 9  Gwen Berry                    SR So. Illinois         16.99mD
28  Jasmine Boyer                 SO Wisconsin            15.42mD
41  Laura Greenfield              SO Missouri             15.09mD
 3  Brittany Borman               JR Oklahoma             56.44mD
37  Megan Collins                 SO Missouri             49.36mD
48  Jelani Kelly                  JR Missouri State       48.56mD
 1  Gwen Berry                    SR So. Illinois         70.52mD
32  Melissa Coil                  JR Missouri             56.81mD
 6  Brittany Borman               JR Oklahoma             52.29mD
18  Samantha Espiricueta          SR SE Missouri          48.69mD
31  Hailey Twietmeyer             FR Missouri             44.70mD
38  Kimoya Hariott                SO UMKC                 43.92mD
44  Bethany Pfeiffer              FR Missouri             43.08mD
100 Meter
13  Kenneth Chambers              FR Missouri              10.37D
200 Meter
28  Kenneth Chambers              FR Missouri              21.04D
400 Meter
28  Andre Thomas                  SR Texas                 46.84D
43  Mark Hughes                   SR Missouri              47.24D
800 Meter
29  Aaron Dixon                   SR Missouri            1:49.46D
1500 Meter
 8  Jacob Boone                   SR Oklahoma            3:42.40D
3000 Meter Steeplechase
20  Rick Elliott                  JR Arkansas            8:53.63D
5000 Meter
24  Nick Happe                    FR Arizona State      13:54.15D
25  Eric Fernandez                SO Arkansas           13:54.33D
10000 Meter
 8  Eric Fernandez                SO Arkansas           28:48.44D
25  cosmas Ayabei                 SO UMKC               29:25.29D
110 Meter Hurdles
32  Dahmar Smiles                 JR St. Louis             14.21D
400 Meter Hurdles
22  Chris Davis                   SR Missouri              51.47D
41  Kellyn Fogarty                JR Missouri              52.17D
4x100 Meter
14  Iowa                                                   39.86D
     3) Paul Chaney SR                
4x400 Meter
 9  Texas                                                3:06.93D
     2) Andre Thomas SR                
17  Missouri                                             3:09.28D
     1) Mark Hughes SR                  2) Tucker Bounds SO               
     3) Aaron Dixon SR                  4) Chris Davis SR                 
20  Kansas                                               3:09.66D
     1) Dalen Fink FR                  
Pole Vault
 8  Brian Hancock                 SR Missouri              5.36mD
10  Mickey DeFilippo              JR Wisconsin             5.35mD
Long Jump
13  Oscar Emegano                 SR UMKC                  7.67mD
37  Tyler Terry                   SR SE Missouri           7.43mD
Triple Jump
41  Oscar Emegano                 SR UMKC                 15.11mD
47  DC Okonta                     JR UMKC                 15.07mD
Shot Put
18  Brooks Mosier                 SO Missouri             17.81mD
23  Brandon Colbert               SR SE Missouri          17.72mD
26  Josh Uchtman                  JR SE Missouri          17.62mD
45  Craig Robinson                SO SE Missouri          16.91mD
30  Brooks Mosier                 SO Missouri             53.86mD
46  Tim Opfer                     JR Missouri             52.55mD
13  Chris Holly                   SR Missouri             63.32mD
16  Brandon Colbert               SR SE Missouri          62.81mD
36  Justin Kwasa                  SR St. Louis            59.60mD
41  Jacob Bullinger               SO Missouri             59.04mD
47  Ed Draper                     SR SE Missouri          61.81mD
NCAA DI Outdoor Multi-Events National Qualifiers
NCAA Division I 2011 Outdoor
Track & Field Championships  - 6/8/2011 to 6/11/2011
6/8/2011 to 6/11/2011
Women Heptathlon
  1  Chantae McMillan              SR Nebraska               5951D
Men Decathlon
 4  Lars Rise                     SR Missouri               7808D
24  Richard York                  SO New Mexico             7389D
Another post with the athletes hometowns and high schools will be posted later.

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